Heartbleed Bug Finds First Hacker Arrested

by on Apr.18, 2014, under Personal Tech

Internet and network security specialists have warned many business, websites and companies to have their consumers change their passwords every two weeks because of the Heartbleed bug. One hacker who had used the glitch had been arrested by authorities.

The Heartbleed bug, according to network security specialists, is a glitch in the encoding and encryption systems used by many websites that manage user login information. The attacker receives large chunks of hidden data from websites, services and even smartphones. Many website, internet and security specialists are currently patching their systems to take care of the glitch.

A 19-Year Old computer science student had been said to be a hacker and Canadian authorities had seized his computer equipment as they suspect him to have exploited the Heartbleed bug to collect confidential information from the country’s tax collection agency. Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes, was charged with one count of mischief

Right after news companies had announced the existence of Heartbleed, computer company Yahoo had its information exposed for 24 hours. Mumsnet servers also became vulnerable as most of their systems are based on OpenSSL. Both companies had notified their users and advised them on measures how to prevent the incident.

Different organisations and groups had released tools that could help companies and individuals check their systems for the existence of Heartbleed.


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Internet Balkanization and The Future of Industries

by on Mar.26, 2014, under Personal Tech

They who hold the most information is the one who wins the competition and this is true for corporations battling each other, and even countries. Ever since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on illegal NSA spying activities, many countries questioned their relationship with the United States as the scenario had created an air of mistrust. Recently, Europe and several South American nations have diverted their fibre optic cables away from the prying eyes of the NSA and the US government.

The US’ actions pushes countries in the world to secure the information coming inside and outside their countries, having the internet, which has connected the world along with businesses, split into individual networks. Like airports, countries will need to filter information before they enter and exit the country. They may also ban certain websites, services and information.

While far from total surveillance, it achieves the same results, but only with local governments performing the surveillance.

Information coming out of countries may also be manipulated as they are first regulated before being sent out.

For industries, this might mean a great slowdown in business activities. Companies with international clients will face drastic problems with schedules and import/export services. The regulation will also limit technological progress as news and information from outside the country may come in later inside the country, or not at all.

Internet balkanization is not just bad for individuals. It may spell the end of globalization, which had facilitated economic progress for many developing countries.

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When Has Convenience Gone Too Far?

by on Mar.03, 2014, under Personal Tech

Technology is the proverbial fire that helped man survive throughout history. Technology had always aided man to perform tasks that take superhuman strength and ability to do. However, today’s technology makes it more convenient to do even the most menial tasks for people. Man’s tools develop his evolutionary direction. However, if man’s tools do not improve his abilities, then he is doomed to fail.

Today, we have the internet, which helps us access millions and millions of information all around the world in lightning fast speed. We have mobile internet devices that allow us to perform tasks that would have taken at least five people to send and receive, and those five people doing the deliveries will be slower too.

Our own internet accounts are storing and analysing our preferences to help us find interests that are close with our former selections. Slowly, we are losing our capability for making choices. Slowly, we’re also losing the discipline of researching proper information through careful reading of scholarly textbooks. It might be time consuming, but these things help us improve our cognition.

Today, the internet has caused ADD among many internet users. With a declining attention span, the world’s concentration was wiped away by convenience and self-evaluating and analysing preference selection systems that make it difficult to think for oneself.

Then, where would technology lead us to in the next few years? Self-driving cars will only enhance the dependence we have with technologies. It helps keep the roads safe and keeps the wallets tighter, but where will man’s reflexes and ability to respond to problems and situations go?

Tools develop man’s evolution. We should choose our evolution properly.

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Rave Parties, the UK Nightlife and Compensation Claims

by on Feb.21, 2014, under Legal

Who knew that my trip downtown would have me end up with a broken wrist because of a simple drink and confusion in a UK rave party? Regardless of what happened, at least I ended up with proper compensation, a now-working leg and the respect of everybody involved. I also have my no win no fee compensation claim lawyers to thank for.

That night, I was strolling around town and found myself inside a bar for a drink. I ordered a scotch for myself and people were dancing all around me. Then some guy told me that I was the one who stole his girlfriend from him in the previous month.

The guy became irate as I explained I haven’t had anything to do with him. Then he said I was sitting on his seat earlier that night. As I sat up to walk away, he grabbed my wrist so tightly and threw me towards the bar, my leg hitting the chair so hard it was broken.

The stranger immediately realized what he’s done and he asked the bar to contact an ambulance. I was brought to the emergency room, but the guy had been gone.

As we made my injury compensation claim, my claim lawyers had the help of the bartender to identify my assailant. My insurance covered the medical costs for my leg and loss of wages. My assailant had also paid for my medical costs as witnesses, including my fiancée, a concerned bar goer and the bartender herself, had identified the man as an assailant.

So, the next time someone gets irate at you in a bar, just run away. Do not attempt to explain yourself. Like the explanation of my assailant, when people get drunk, they do not know what they’re doing.

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Mobile Computing and the Future of Complete Surveillance

by on Jan.21, 2014, under Mobile Computing

When one person knows the attitudes of another, it becomes easier for him or her to manipulate the person. Should the governments of the world have power over surveillance and information about individuals, they could then control the whims and opinion of the people to their own will. Sadly, this is happening in the world on a very fast pace.

The public only knows that China is one country that openly states the government monitors social networks and its internet websites and it decidedly blocks out certain forms of content online. While they are honest, they are not revered. The US was revered for giving people the freedom to use the internet without any discrimination, until Edward Snowden revealed everything.

However, even without Snowden’s revelation, almost every person in the world is showing different countries in the world who they are and potentially, their own confidential information and records. Social networks show an individual’s photo to almost every person in the world even if they privatize their media. They also indicate their addresses, contact numbers and other information. These information would be enough for identity thieves to steal something from any individual in the world.

With the increasingly-hypnotizing appeal of technological developments in mobile internet devices, which include sync and meta services that shape the services to your will to allow it to find establishments, services, products and even individuals that interest you, the world is submitting itself to total surveillance without even resisting.

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Nvidia Upgrades Tegra Note 7 to Expand Influence in Mobile Computing Market

by on Dec.30, 2013, under Mobile Computing

Computer manufacturer Nvidia had announced expanding its Tegra Note 7 tablet with new features to secure its position in the world’s lucrative mobile computing and internet devices market.

Nvidia’s Tegra 7 runs on Android, its edge being designed for Tegra Zone gaming, front facing speakers with the widest frequency range available in a tablet and a camera with a 100-frame per second slow motion recording. It also features up to 10 hours of battery life while playing high definition video.

The new unit will be using a Tegra 4 processor, which the company claims will make the new tablet the world’s fastest 7-inch tablet.

Mobile Computing Will Increase in Power This Year

The popularity of mobile devices, including Nvidia’s Tegra Note 7, will only continue to expand. Experts are saying that mobile computing will continue under Moore’s law to improve in power while retaining its usability and capabilities.

Experts predict that further enhancements to cameras and integration of interface-to-application will continue to increase as developers widen their designing outlook. With more hardware power, experts said that applications will border on more ambitious functions, and gaming capability may be similar or even more powerful to conventional computer systems.

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The Benefits of Oatmeal to the Digestive Tract

by on Dec.05, 2013, under Health

The favourite breakfast food of many athletes actually holds key to promoting good digestive health. For some people, oatmeal might cause bloating because of the absence of fiber in the body and its sudden presence could entirely cause diarrhea or stomach aches. Here are a few things oatmeal could do for your digestion.

1. Fiber
Fiber is highly important for the digestive tract because it slows down the absorption of nutrients in the intestines. This helps push the food down through the colon and will help your intestines create bulk and body for proper ejection of stool from your body.

2. Omega-3
Fatty acids such as omega-3 could also be in some oatmeal brands. Usually, whole grain oatmeals could provide you omega-3. This helps the heart and blood circulation in the body by providing the right acids to provide energy and proper digestion.

3. Energy
Oatmeals are very high in protein and, combined with eggs for additional protein or bananas for potassium, can give you a good energy boost during your mornings of work.

4. Protein
Because of its high protein levels, oatmeal also contributes to the formation of muscles especially in bodybuilders and athletes. With a proper diet including oatmeal, amino acids could rebuild sore muscles and improve them for future workouts.

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Industries to Consider for The Following Year

by on Nov.14, 2013, under Business

A new year means new opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. The economic climate has stabilized and several industries have survived, while new industries are getting increased maturity. Consider the following markets when you invest next year.

1. Internet Companies
Internet companies only require a small capital to start and yet they could gain instant fame through social media and other channels. You might think small capital could gain small profits, but this is not the case. If you could invest in multiple Internet companies, you could get greater returns as well.

2. BPO, IT And Outsourcing
Outsourcing and service industries that handle after-sales concerns for manufacturers and producers are gaining fame all over the world. Investing in these companies can guarantee you better returns next year.

3. Technology
Internet devices are the image that the future is coming and manufacturers, software developers and users ensure you that the market is here to stay and it is still growing. The success of major manufacturing companies should give you a good idea that the possible great amount you pay for a share is something that gives you a great return.

4. Renewable Energy
Aside from solar and wind energy, renewable energy producers lean heavily on applied usage with electric cars. New electric car designs from famous car manufacturers seem promising. As oil is on the decline and car manufacturers are slowly making the transition, investing in renewable energy early could reap you great benefits.

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Foods That Help You Avoid Muscle Loss

by on Oct.10, 2013, under Health

The right kind of food is important if you want to grow the right kinds of muscles in your body. Working out on a daily basis and eating the wrong type of food will only lead to muscle atrophy. You need enough rest and the right kind of nutrition to ensure your muscle gain as you exercise.

1. Nuts
Protein rich nuts are great for mid-day snacks to help you generate strength and energy on a daily basis. Nuts have some fat and sodium content; you might need to use these energy generators to avoid gaining unnecessary weight.

2. Red Meat
Red meat is bad only for people who live a sedentary life; unless you have hereditary high blood pressure or an allergy to fat, red meat actually packs a huge amount of protein useful for your body.

3. Low Fat Food
Low fat food, including low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt and other less saturated fat products could help you prevent muscle atrophy. Eat some beef jerky as you take a break from your physical exercise and the daily grind.

4. Fruits and Vegetables
Eating fruits and vegetables helps your body gain vitamins and minerals necessary for your body. Your body and your muscles do not only thrive on protein; you also need a good amount of magnesium, potassium and other essential vitamins. Have a beet, a banana and green leafy vegetables to help you avoid muscle atrophy.

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Should You Consider Hedge Funds?

by on Sep.12, 2013, under Finance

High capital, no limitations and high fees. Should you consider investing in a hedge fund, which has a minimum of £500,000 and limited investor spots? Here are a few things that make hedge funds worth it.

1. Counterflow
Mutual funds are the first financial instruments that directly reflect the current market standing and when it takes a downturn, the mutual funds also take it as well. Hedge funds have the capability to go against the market.

2. Unlimited Strategies
Hedge funds and mutual funds are similar, but they are not limited by tight restrictions. This is what allows hedge funds to get more profit even during a downturn. Managers can effectively use any form of method they need to ensure that their money pool keeps on growing even in an economic downturn. SEC regulations and disclosure requirements will not prevent hedge funds from selling long or short and concentrating investments.

3. Experienced Crew
As a fund, hedge funds are also managed by professional, experienced and effective professional fund managers. This lowers the risk that your money is going the wrong way and this explains why you are paying high fees for hedge funds. They are highly specialized and they only trade within their area of expertise.

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